Admission (check-in)

In this article you'll learn how to check-in your guests during the admission process.

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Good to know: eyevip has a check-in app, making admission simple and efficient.


Optimized for computers and tablets, the check-in function is located in your event under the Check-in menu item.


Check-in guests

This is how to check-in process works: 

  1. Enter the name of the guest in the search field. The entries that don't match your search are automatically sorted out.
  2. Check the checkbox on the left side of the guest's name to mark the person as present.
  3. Click on the cross icon to delete the search.



Good to know: By default, all guests with the guest status accepted are listed. Thus, guests who are marked as present disappear from the list. To see the full list of present guests, the status filter in the table header must be changed to present.

Checking in accompanying guests 

Accompanying guests are not visually distinguished from other guests in the list. However, when you search for a name, the guest and associated guests are displayed one below the other. This way, you can check-in all of them should they arrive together. If guests and accompanying guests arrive separately, you have the option to check them in individually.


Edit guest info

Should you notice that a guests' information is incorrect or incomplete at check-in, you can edit this at any time.

  1. Click on the pencil icon to adjust the guest info.




Add new guest

During check-in you have the possibility to register new guests.

  1. Click the + Guest button to create a new guest.



Add replacement  

Should a guest be replaced by another person, this information can be entered in eyevip.

  1. Click on the pencil icon at the end of the guests' entry to open the edit mask.
  2. Add the info of the replacement under "Replacement person: First name" and "Replacement person: Last name".
  3. Save the information.
  4. Then mark the person as present.




Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why can't I find a guest?

From time to time, guests who have been invited, but didn't register, show up at the event. By default, all guests with the guest status accepted are listed, which is why you wouldn't find these guests when searching for them. Change the status filter in the table header to the value Status to show all guests. If the person isn't in this list, then he was either not invited or deleted from the guest list.