Default form

In this article you'll learn how to easily configure the default registration form of your event.

In addition to finding the setting of the default form in your event under the menu item Form, you can find it when creating the event. On this page you can activate or deactivate the fields of the registration form.

  1. Activate the desired fields by clicking the "active" button. On the right side of the screen you will see a preview of the form.
  2. Check the "Mandatory field"  option to ensure the field is filled out during registration.
  3. Don't forget to save! 😉



Good to know: Activate the accompaniment field if your guests are allowed to register accompanying guests.

The fields attendance and email cannot be deactivated.

By default, the Deregistration reason field is only available for events with a closed group of participants and is only displayed when guests decline your invitation.

You can use the form editor to create additional fields and adjust their order.