Event landing page set-up

In this article, you will learn how to optimally set up your event landing page.

Table of contents

Define landing page URL

You can define the URL of your event landing page under the menu item Settings > General Information. The first part of the URL won't change and will stay the same for all events. The URL ending however, is unique and adapted for each event by you. 

Good to know: If your event is multilingual, you will find the URL for each language in the event overview under “Online Registration”.


Allowed characters 

The URL may only contain the following characters: 

  • Upper and lower case letters without umlauts and special characters
  • Numbers
  • Underscore

Good to know: The landing page URL is unique and can only be used once. For recurring events, we recommend using a date as a marker (e.g. economicforum_2022). 

Caution: If you already sent invitations, you shouldn't change the landing page URL!

Language specific landing page 

The language abbreviation will be added to the end of the URL if your event is multilingual.


Landing page URL https://your.eyevip.ch/events/my-first-event
German https://your.eyevip.ch/events/my-first-event/de
French https://your.eyevip.ch/events/my-first-event/fr
Italian https://your.eyevip.ch/events/my-first-event/it
English https://your.eyevip.ch/events/my-first-event/en

Registration deadline

You can define the registration period under the menu item Settings > General Information.


Good to know: To test the registration process yourself, we recommend setting the start date of the login time window to the present date.


By default, eyevip counts the number of guests who've visited the landing page. These statistics can be found under the Overview menu item. You can find more information about the event overview at Event Overview (Dashboard).


Statistics per guest

In the guest list under History you can see which pages the respective individual has visited. You can find more information about the guest history at Guest Data Change History.


Third-party tracking

If we've programmed our own template for you, tracking codes from third-party providers like Google Analytics, Facebook or LinkedIn can easily be integrated in a privacy-compliant manner. Contact us via support@eyevip.ch.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is my event landing page accessible to people who have not been invited?

If your event is public, then yes, your page is accessible to everyone who lands on it. However, if it is an event with a select number of participants, then the page is protected by a code.