Manage guest list

In this article you'll learn how to filter, export or delete guests in the guest list.


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Thanks to the column and filter options, you can customize the layout of your guest list to suit your needs.

Hide and unhide columns 

  1. Click in the Column button.
  2. Select the columns you want to hide or unhide.



Filter options

In the guest list you have several filter options.

Select existing filter

  1. Click the Filter button to select a predefined filter.


Create new filter

  1. Click on the button Filter, followed by Filter options.
  2. Select the attributes by which you want to filter your guest list.
  3. Then click on Apply. If you want to reuse this filter later, click Save filter.


Export filtered guest list

  1. Filter your guest list by selecting an existing filter or create a new one.
  2. Then click on Filter and select the Export filter result option.


Export guest list

Export your guest list so you can continue working on it in Excel.

  1. Select the Export for Excel option via Action.
  2. A window will open where you'll be given the option to filter the export of the guest data in advance.
  3. Click Export to export your selection.



Delete guest list

Delete the entire guest list if you discover, for example, an error or an unfilled field that you need.

Caution: Only delete the guest list if you haven't sent out any emails.

  1. Via Action select the option Delete all. A window with a form opens.
  2. Select under Created by and Guest Status, All.
  3. Click on the Delete button.
  4. eyevip will prompt you to ensure you really want to delete the guest list. If yes, select Delete, otherwise Cancel.