Notify Event Team

In this article you'll learn how to send an internal notification to the event team.

eyevip enables you to send a message to the entire event team. This message will be sent by mail to all users who are assigned to the event. Alongside the message, a link to the event will be sent.

Send message

This is how you create a message:

  • Select the event.
  • Go to the Users menu item.
  • Click the Message button on the right side.
  • Include a subject and write a text.
  • Send the mail by clicking the green Send E-mail button or choose to Save and Send Later.
  • Confirm that you want to send the mail to everyone in the event team.


Message overview

Sent messages are marked with the date and can also be viewed in eyevip.

Messages that have not yet been sent, but have been saved as a draft, are written in light grey and can be edited using the blue pencil icon to the right of the message.