Publish survey

In this article you'll find out how to publish and test your survey.

Note: Publish survey belongs to the paid extension, Survey.


Table of contents

Edit survey page

You can find the Survey page in the navigation of your event under Communication > Edit Content.
Here you will also find all other pages and emails.


Good to know: The Survey page is the same for all surveys inside the event.

Publish survey

The settings to publish the survey can be found within the survey under the Settings tab:

  • Name of survey
    Change the name of your survey.
  • Participation window
    Set the start date and a deadline for the participation of the survey.
  • Public survey
    Activate this option if you want every person with the link to be able to participate. Use this setting if you want your guests to take the survey via QR code during your events.
  • Survey link
    For a public survey, simply copy the link (per language) by clicking on the copy icon.
    For a closed survey, add the link to your eyevip email.


Good to know: A survey is always anonymous - this includes a closed survey. Participation in an open survey will be saved in the browser session. In doing so multiple participations from one user can be avoided, but it can't be completely ruled out. 

Test survey

To test the survey yourself, follow the below steps: 

  1. Open the Settings tab and activate the option Public survey.
  2. Save the new setting.
  3. Copy the link and log out of eyevip.
    Alternatively: open the link in an Incognito Tab or use a different browser, where you aren't logged in to eyevip. Don't forget to delete your test entries before you publish your survey.😉


Good to know: In the Preview tab you can always take a closer look at your survey. However, you can't participate in the survey during preview mode.