In this article you'll learn how to use templates for your event communication.

Table of contents

Template selection

Under the menu item Communication, you'll find a selection of templates for your event communication, either when creating an event or within an already set-up event. 

eyevip provides two templates by default. If we created a template for you, you will see this template under Communication as well and can use this as you see fit.

Good to know: Templates within an event can be changed at any time. However, should you have already edited content, your changes may not be applied to the newly selected template.

Template deck

Each template contains a deck of pages and emails, that can be customized for each event. The scope of what is included will vary depending on the template. 

A template contains at the very least the following pages and emails:


  • Login page
  • Info page
  • Image gallery
  • Automatic messages
    (registration, de-registration etc.)




  • Save-the-date
  • Invitation
  • Invitation reminder 
  • Registration confirmation 
  • Reminder before the event
  • Follow-up email after the event
  • No-shows
  • Event cancellation 

Good to know: Not all emails and pages available must be used. Test the registration process carefully to make sure no content has been forgotten.


Edit content

To edit a page or email, click on the pencil icon. For more information about the editor, see Edit content.


Reset template

Reset individual pages and emails 

To restore a single page or email, click on the arrow icon.


Reset entire template

To restore the entire template to the default template, click the Reset button. 



Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can emails and landing pages be customized to match my organization's CI/CD?

Absolutely. With eyevip you can have email and landing page templates created entirely according to your wishes in your CI/CD.
We offer a full mapping to your design specifications.

Can I use an edited template for other events?

Yes, you can copy your entire event and work from there.

Can I create additional pages and emails?

No, unfortunately not. If you have and would like to use your own template, we can add additional pages and emails to the template for a fee. Please get in touch with us at support@eyevip.ch.

What does the page "Landing page with query of personal code" mean?

This page is required for events with a closed group of participants. It is only displayed when people who have not been invited call up the event landing page. Guests who have been invited via eyevip with an email will not be shown this page.


Which browsers are supported by eyevip?

We are continuously testing eyevip to ensure that our tool is optimized and functional for the most current browser versions. eyevip is compatible with the following browser versions:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Firefox 26.0
  • Safari 5.2
  • Chrome 40.0
  • Opera 12.2.