App Check-in

In this article you'll learn how to check-in your guests and their accompanying persons to your event via the eyevip check-in app.

Table of Contents

Before you can check-in at an event, you need to install the check-in app on your device and log in. You can find out more about this under Getting started with the check-in app.

Check-in with Ticket

If you send a QR code with the registration confirmation or via the reminder email, you can check in your guests using the eyevip check-in app. You can find out how to create a QR code ticket here.

  1. Go to the check-in app and select the desired event.
  2. Select the scan function.
  3. Allow the app to access the camera.
  4. Hold the cell phone or tablet over the QR code on the printed ticket or over the mobile phone with the ticket.
  5. The guest is automatically checked in and is now listed in the Checked-in tab.
  6. Accompanying persons are also checked in via the QR code.


Check-in without Ticket

Good to know: If you haven't sent out QR tickets, we recommend that you use a laptop to check-in directly in eyevip. You can find more information about this under Admission control in eyevip.

Guests who don't have their ticket with them can be checked in manually:
  1. Call up the check-in app and select the desired event.
  2. All guests from the guest list are listed in the Guests tab.
  3. Search for the desired guest using the Search guests field or scroll down the list by swiping down the screen.
  4. Swipe right on the name to check in the guest.




Checking in Accompanying Persons

Guests who have registered with accompanying persons will receive the QR code tickets for all persons in the group with the confirmation and/or reminder email.

When a guest is checked in, the accompanying persons can also be registered in the following step. The accompanying persons will be displayed and can be checked-in using the checkbox.

Tap Check-in if you want them to be checked-in. If they are not to be checked in, simply select No.

If an accompanying person is checked-in first, the procedure is exactly the same. The app asks whether the main guest and any other accompanying persons should also be checked-in simultaneously.




Reverse Check-in

People who have been checked-in by mistake or who leave the event (only to return again) can easily be removed manually.

  1. Switch to the Checked-in tab.
  2. Search for the desired guest using the Search guest function.
  3. Swipe left over the guest to check the guest out again.