Invitation by mail

In this article you'll learn how to invite guests by (snail) mail.

Table of contents

Preparation in eyevip

1. Upload guest list

You'll first need to upload your guest list to eyevip. Instructions to do so can be found here: Create guest list

Good to know: The Excel list should include the postal addresses of guests so that this information is available for the printer. Use the following column labels for this: Street, Street No, Zip, City, Country.

2. Export guest list with personal guest codes

Export the guest list for Excel. The "Code" column now contains the personal guest code. This code must be printed next to the landing page URL on the invitation. Without the code, the guest will not be able to register. You can find the instructions for the guest list export here: Manage guest list


Caution: From this point forward, you shouldn't change the landing page URL or delete and re-upload guests.

3. Mark guests as "invited" (optional)

Once the invitations have been sent by mail, you can change the status of your guests to "invited". To do so, use the bulk edit feature.

Printer data files

The printer will need the following information to be able to print your personalized invitations:
  • The Excel guest list with the following columns: Title, first name, last name, street, street no, ZIP code, city, (country), (language), code.
  • The URL to the landing page. You can see how to create it, here: Event landing page set-up
  • The invitation template in file form.

Good to know: We recommend that you test the registration process carefully before printing. Register yourself as a guest to experience the process from end-to-end.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do I need the personal guest code if my event is public?

No, because the registration page of a public event is not protected by a code.

In this case, guests who are invited by mail shouldn't be uploaded to the guest list or receive a personal QR code (please see next question). If the guests are already registered in the guest list, they will not be able to register with their email address, as eyevip reacts to duplicates. They will receive a message that their email address has already been used.

Can I also create a QR code for registration?

The easiest way is to provide the URL to the landing page as a QR code. The guests simply have to enter their personal code afterwards.

It is also possible to create personal QR codes from Excel list data. Just ask your print shop if they offer this service. For this, you must note that the guest code is integrated into the URL. The URL must be structured as follows: