Manage user groups

In this article you'll learn what user groups can be used for and how to manage them.

Note: Not every eyevip user has the right to manage user groups. Should you not see the Users menu item, please get in touch with your company's eyevip contact or reach out to

Table of contents

Why user groups?

Through the use of user groups you can assign a large number of users to an event. User groups are useful if many users are to work on the same events.

For more information, see Assign users to an event.

Create user groups

How to create a new user group:

  1. Select the menu item Users > User Group.
  2. Click + User Group to create a new group.
  3. Determine a name for the group and briefly describe the purpose of the group (optional).
  4. Search for the desired individual by entering the name in the search field.
  5. Assign all the people to the desired group by clicking on the plus icon, to the right of the user name. The users will be moved from the Available users column to the Assigned users column.
  6. Save your entries.

Good to know: Those you want to assign to a user group must already have a login. See Manage users to learn how to create new accounts.

Users can be added to multiple groups.



Delete user groups

How to delete an existing user group:

  1. Select the user group using the checkbox on the left side of the entry. 
  2. Then click Operation and Delete.
  3. A window will open prompting you if really want to delete this group. Confirm with Delete and the user group will be removed from your list.


Assign users to a group

New users

When creating a new account, you can assign the user to one or more user groups:

  1. Create the new user. Under Manage users you will learn how to create new accounts.
  2. Select a user group from the User group field.
  3. Add one or more additional user groups by selecting + Group.
    The already selected group will be listed below the field.
  4. Save your entries by clicking Add at the bottom of the form.


Existing users

You always have the option to assign users individually, to a group:

  1. In the User Manager, use User > Users, to search for the desired user.
  2. Click on the pencil icon on the right-hand side of the entry.
  3. Add the user group as described in the last section.