Multilingual communication

In this article you'll learn how to set-up your event communication in multiple languages.

Table of contents

Define event language

You can activate multiple languages under the menu item Settings > General Information

The following languages are supported in eyevip: 

  • German (formal and informal)
  • French (formal and informal)
  • Italian (formal and informal)
  • English
If not all languages are available or you need another language, please contact us at


Translate content

Your event communication can be edited under the menu item Communication > Edit Content.

  1. Select a page or an email by clicking on the pencil icon.
  2. On the right-hand side in the editor, there is a drop-down list with available languages.
  3. Select the desired language, to edit the content in that respective language.

Good to know: The standard texts are usually only available in German and in English and can be translated by you or your team. 


Terms of address

eyevip supports both formal and informal ways to address guests. Should you want to address one group formally and another group informally, event communication can be prepped to reflect this. Simply make sure to also activate the informal language (e.g. German - informal). 

Define language of guest

The guest's language is defined in the Excel list and can also be changed in the guest list for both individual guests or for an entire segment. For more information, see Create a guest list.