Translate job titles of senders

In this article, we will show you how to translate the sender's job title into multiple languages.

Note: Sender management is not included in every eyevip license. Not every user is entitled to create or edit senders.


Table of Content

Translate Job Title

  1. Go to the menu item Sender.
  2. Find the desired sender and click the blue pencil icon.
  3. Click on the translation icon in the Job title field.
  4. Activate the translation by ticking the checkbox.
  5. Translate the text into all available languages.
  6. Click OK.


Good to know: currently only existing senders can be translated.

Verify Translation

In the sender overview

If a translation is stored with a sender, the language versions can be checked in the overview.

Check the translation by clicking on the respective language label.


In communication with the guest

In the communication, the sender's job title is displayed in the guest's language.


Translation Status

Not translated

By default, the translation status of the field will be displayed as "Not translated".



As soon as you have entered and saved translations for a field, a green checkmark appears next to the translation icon.


Check translation

If you edit the default language or the translations are incomplete, the translation status will change to "Check translation". A warning triangle next to the translation icon indicates this status.

Click on the icon to review the translations and make changes if necessary. After saving, the status changes back to "Translated".