Release Notes

In this article, you will learn which features have been improved or added and which bugs have been fixed with the latest update of your eyevip.

Table of Contents

Release 2.3.29

March 2024


  • Default Templates
    Various optimizations of the informal texts in the standard templates.

Bugfixes (excerpt)

The following bugs have been fixed in this release:

  • Form editor: There is an empty form field in the form.
  • Form editor: The predefined data protection links and data protection templates are not automatically applied when creating an event.
  • Form editor: The registration page is empty if the date of birth field is used in the form.
  • Template Editor: Event name placeholder is not displayed correctly in Italian.
  • Template Editor: The placeholder of the form field "Select" is displayed in the text if no value is stored.
  • Template Editor: The column width of a table cannot be moved.
  • Template Editor: Placeholders in links do not work (e.g. mailto an Eventmanager).
  • Template Editor: Multiple documents cannot be inserted in the text.
  • Template Editor: Translation of the send button in French is incorrect ("Envoyer un message" instead of "Envoyer").
  • Contingent: The contingent can be overbooked based on accompanying persons.
  • Guest list: Accompanying persons cannot not found through search.
  • Event series: Full events can be selected when the guest re-registers.
  • Passcreator: No ticket is created for persons with accompanying guests.
  • Passcreator: The date is displayed instead of the time.

Release 2.3.28

February 2024 


  • Copy event
    The "Copy event" functionality has been expanded to include the "Start and end date" and "Surveys" areas. This makes creating new events based on an event copy even easier and faster.

  • Guest management within user groups
    A new right allows users to view and edit the guests of other users within their user group. This function increases the flexibility of shared guest list management in an event.
  • Wording
    The wording "e-mail" has been replaced by "message" in the guest list, among other things. This makes it easier to integrate future features.

Bugfixes (excerpt)

The following bugs have been fixed in this release:

  • Seeticket: Names are not displayed when scanning.
  • Duplicate check: Guests who are entered more than once in the guest list cannot register.
  • Standard templates: Signatures are not arranged correctly on mobile.
  • Template Editor: Google Maps does not show the desired location.
  • Form editor: Link targets are not allowed.

Release 2.3.27

December 2023


  • Security
    The requirements for passwords have been increased. With this feature, we have further strengthened the security of our platform by setting stricter standards for passwords.

  • Notifications
    This feature allows us to reach our users with messages within eyevip. In this release, we ask you to participate in an anonymous UX survey.

  • Show hidden fields in the guest list
    You can now display user-defined hidden fields in the guest list, which gives you a better overview of information in the guest list.
  • Selection of one ticket template per event
    It is now possible to store multiple ticket templates in your eyevip. You can select a template for your event in the event settings.
  • Group contingent
    The group contingent function has been optimized. The users of a group can see the current status of their group's contingent in the event overview.
  • Various optimizations of the standard texts in the standard templates

Removed Features

  • Check-in
    Fields for entering a replacement person have been removed.

Bugfixes (excerpt)

The following bugs have been fixed in this release:

  • Paid events: Ticket of the accompanying person is not listed in the summary and checkout.
  • Paid events: Ticket is not displayed correctly in the template.

  • Excel export: PURL does not correspond to the link displayed in the event overview.

  • Templates: Captcha label is displayed in the browser language instead of the guest language.

  • Form editor: The data protection notice cannot be requested for accompanying persons.

  • Ticket: The logo is cut off.

  • Security: Various security updates.

Release 2.3.26

November 2023


  • Rights settings
    Various optimizations have been implemented in the rights settings.

Bugfixes (excerpt)

The following bugs have been fixed in this release:

  • Paid events: Error message for already registered guests who want to access the registration form again is not appropriate.
  • Simplecontingent: Error in the display of contingents.
  • Dispatch: Error message "Guest code is not available. Try again later".
  • Form editor: Checkbox is not saved.
  • Guest list: The value in the max. number of accompanying persons field does not match reality.
  • Form editor: It is not possible to store data protection links for informal languages. 

Release 2.3.25

September 2023


  • Templates
    Pre-header (emails) can be added in the standard text.

Bugfixes (excerpt)

The following bugs have been fixed in this release:

  • Guest list: Missing guest key with simultaneous mass mailing for different events.

  • Guest list: Spaces in guest e-mail addresses are automatically deleted.

  • Form editor: Incorrect behavior of the mandatory field for accompanying persons.

  • Registration form: Display of the data protection label in the guest language instead of the browser language.

  • Template editor: Teams-links in editor are no longer converted.

  • Form Editor: Data protection links cannot be stored in informal language.

  • Template Editor: Cookie banner is switched off in edit mode.

  • Addition or correction of missing translations: Passcreator / Calendar entry / Paid events